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Direct Mail Marketing

Looking for something to help give your business the boost it needs,
but not sure where to start? 
Precision Printing's direct mail team is here to help!

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We can help you answer the following questions:
  1.   What is my next step?
    Contact Precision TODAY and let's get started!!
  2.  What's the best strategy for my business?
    Whether you need to build a complete campaign from scratch, or simply
    fine-tune an existing one, ​let our team point the way and take you there.

  3.  Why should I use direct mail?
    Direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with your target audience. This allows you to control who receives your message, when it's delivered, what's in the envelope and how many people you reach.
  4. What is direct mail marketing?
    Marketing that uses a mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece to a target audience including: brochures, catalogs, postcards and newsletters.
Our direct mail department will take care of your mailing project from start to finish. 

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Why Use Precision's Direct Mail Team?
There is no such thing as a mailing that's too successful,
unless you don't have the fulfillment capabilities to handle the volume of leads or orders that it generates.

Precision's fulfillment warehouse can accommodate your required inventory and it's handled by professionals who know all the
postal-regulation tricks that will
save you money.

Complete In-House
Mail Processing

We process your direct mail campaign to qualify it for the lowest possible mail rates finding discounts you may not know you qualify for. 

  • Designing
  • Printing
  • Promotional Products
  • Addressing
  • Inserting
  • 1st Class Presort, 1st Class or
    Bulk Mail Processing

  • Drop Shipment
  • Mail Merge
  • Meter / Live Stamping
  • On-Site Postal Prep
  • Mail Fulfillment
Leading Provider
of Lists
Precision Printing is a leading provider of privacy-compliant consumer and business mailing.
  • Call for free real-time list counts and price quotes
  • Fast, personal client service
  • Accurate, privacy-compliant
    sales leads

  • Lists delivered in several usable formats

​CONSUMER LISTS: customize by geographic area, demographics, and/or lifestyle interests.

BUSINESS LISTS: customize by business type, size, and geographic area.
Proven Marketing Strategies
Whether you need to build a complete campaign from scratch, or simply fine-tune an existing one,
​let our team
point the way and take you there.
Direct Marketing Imagination & Innovation
Our account executives are trained to be D-I-R-E-C-T to follow our own, proven creative process – one that encourages imagination and innovation without losing track of what is most important: RESULTS.
Differentiate the product, service or cause. Make sure that customers or prospects truly understand what is unique or novel about what our clients are selling and why the product, service or cause is better or more important than the competition.
Identify the potential audience. What are their motivations to buy, give or participate? What market segments are most profitable and why?
Refine the message so that the target audience will understand and see the benefit. A great creative idea is worthless unless it can cut through the advertising clutter, grab attention and speak to the audience's interests.
Evaluate the offer or appeal from the perspective of the recipient. Often ideas start off with promise but can lose focus and effectiveness as they go through the creative process. Even if the recipient understands it, does a campaign actually accomplish what it was originally designed to do?
Calculate realistic response estimates based on research and experience. Do expectations justify the true, final cost of the campaign? What are the criteria for measuring success?
Test your mailings so can you know for sure how successful a campaign can be.

Suggested Products:
Booklets  •  Bookmarks  •  Brochures  •  Business Cards
Business Forms  •  Calendars  •  Catalogs  •  Door Hangers  Envelopes   •  File Folders  •  Letterhead  •  Newsletters 
Note Cards  •  Postcards  •  Posters  •  Presentation Folders Promotional Products  •  Rack Cards  •  Statement Stuffers Stationary  •  Yearbook & Directories


When using our request form, we need as many details about your project that you can give in the PROJECT DESCRIPTION field. 
It helps to include:

  • Services Needed (printing, direct mail marketing, promotional marketing, etc.)
  • Type of Product (stationary, business cards, mailers, pens, etc.)
  • Quantities
  • One or Two Sided
  • Bleed (colors extend to edge of paper)
  • Stock (paper type)
  • Sizes (finished size)
  • Ink Colors
  • Expected Turnaround Time
  • Special Requirements
  • Any Questions You Have
  • Preferred Way to Respond (email, phone or fax)
  • Upload all files important to your projects.

Contact us directly if you have any questions or need assistance with submitting a quote request.
Please use our "Helpful Tips for Quote Request" and give us as much information as possible.